How to Avoid Web Scammers!

Web Scammer

Hire no one until you’ve seen their website & their work, then ask for references (see tips below).

Dear prospective client,

If you are looking for an honest, capable, professional to develop your website, you’ve found him. You could take my word for it, or you might want to shop around. If so, the tips below can help save you lots of time & money.

A few tips for evaluating any web service…

1. Ask for References.

Any professional web developer should have excellent references. Ask to talk with their clients. If they have no references (or their references seem false) this means that they have bad client relations or no clients at all. Can you afford to be their guinea pig?

2. Look at their website.

These days everybody thinks they’re a web designer. It’s really quite amazing, but many supposed ‘web professionals’ have truly horrible websites themselves. Sometimes this is obvious, sometimes the flaws are more subtle.

Some things to watch for…

  • Confusing, Frustrating, or Boring User Experience
  • Images not Optimized for Web
  • Poor or No Adaptation to Mobile Device Screen Sizes
  • Writing & Spelling Errors (shows lack of attention to detail & incompetent marketing skills)
  • Slow loading pages

3. Visit Portfolio Websites.

Visit the actual sites they ‘say’ they’ve made. Often the portfolio sites do not even exist. They are simply mock up images. Other times the sites do exist, but are just as bad as the designer’s own site (see #2 above). Be sure to check for web design credit in the footer of those sites too. Some of my competitors have been known to link their ‘portfolio’ to nice websites that they have nothing to do with.