Rick Carter
Rick CarterMultimedia Developer
I approach every project with the clear understanding that you and I are a team and we share the same goal; a professional and effective web presence to promote your business. By achieving this goal, your business grows and so does mine. What could be better than that?

“If I just knew one Web Designer I could Trust…”

Most of my clients come to me saying something like that. Many of them have been overcharged for web design projects. Others had signed up with big box web corporations, only to find useless “customer service” the first time a problem arose. More than one have told me stories of outright blackmail & extortion.

All of this has made it very easy for me to stand out from the competition. If you do a Google Search for ‘Trustworthy Web Professional’, guess who is at the top of the list? That’s not a coincidence. I like to say …

“Come for the value, Stay for the trust.”

That isn’t just a saying either. I take it seriously and I will always do my utmost to be worthy of your trust. I start by providing a Free initial consultation, very  reasonable prices, and delivering a copy of all website files to you. You Own the Website.

More About Me

  • Providing web & multimedia services since 2005
  • Degrees held in Multimedia & Psychology, with a focus on marketing (Highest Honors in both degrees; happy to show them to you).
  • Now local to the Louisville area, and here to stay.
  • Existing long term multi-industry clients in Louisville and various metropolitan areas along the West coast. References available.